Surgical Sutures

The surgical Omnia sutures comprehend filaments as Silk, P.G.A. (PolyGlycolic Acid), Polyester, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Polyamide and Monofast.

Omnia PTFE Sutures

Omnia surgical PTFE sutures are ideal for any implant, periodontal and bone graft procedures where the usage of a monofilament suture with low bacterial adhesion is recommended.

Omnia PGA sutures

PGA surgical suture is a synthetic absorbable surgical suture. It can be used in all the cases, when stitches do not need to be removed, and in particularly sensitive tissues along with absorbable membranes.

The surgical Omnia sutures comprehend filaments as Silk, P.G.A. (PolyGlycolic Acid), Polyester, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Polyamide and Monofast.
The dental sutures Omnia have the features of the best suture threads: the uniformity of the surfaces and the caliber, fraying absence, the resistance to the traction on a knotted thread, the fluidity of threads, the manageability, knot retention.
Every suture is colored in order to permit a sudden identification on the operating field and each material is characterized by a different color.
Every thread is singularly packed in a double blister and their sterility is guaranteed for 5 years, thanks to the ethylene oxide sterilization and the Gamma X Rays. The PTFE sutures are sterile for 4 years. The needles correspond to the most common shapes and to the most variegated calibers in order to be suitable for every kind of oral surgery.


Each Omnia's suture is protected by two blister: the first, in medical paper, reports manufacturing information such as date of sterilization and the production batch for an easy tracking, and the second containing all the information of the specific suture as shown in the figure below.


The Omnia's sutures have an atramautic strand being  directly connected to the needle, the sizes covered range from 2/0 to 6/0. 
Each wire is coated with a color specially designed to be as visible as possible on the surgical field, so as not to create confusion between the different materials according to this scheme:

  • PGA ---- Purple
  • Poliestere --- Green
  • PTFE --- White
  • Seta --- Black


Omnia offers several types of needle depending on the type of intervention that must be carried out. 
The needles are classified according to the flow characteristics of the tip, thus obtaining:

The HRT needle has a quadrangular pyramid-shaped point and a round body.

This particular shape allows any easy penetration of soft tissues without causing lacerations, and preventing the needle from rotating in the needle-holder.

This needle is appreciated and suitable for oral surgery.

The HR needle is mainly used for soft tissues, and is characterized by a good penetration of tissues without causing lacerations or tissue damage.

The HS needle is also known as “triangular” needle, since it has cutting edges on the sides and outer curve.

Due to its cutting edges, this needle easily penetrates tissues and is suitable for almost all uses. It provides an excellent penetration capacity and great solidity, and it is for sutures with periosteum incision and in case of thick mucosa

The EXTRASHARP needle is designed specifically for surgery, where cosmetic results are important.

Two sides sharpened thin point that allows a smooth and progressive penetration through the tissues and reduces the danger of tissue cutout.

Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli

“The concept for success in periodontal and implant surgery is related to the ability of perfectly performing every single step of the procedure. Starting from this point, the flap design, the line of incision, the split or full-thickness elevation are not the only critical stages of the surgery, but also the management of the soft tissues during the final phases of the operation has to be performed at the best. For this reason, PTFE can be considered as the gold standard for the choice of the suturing material. The perfect tightness of the knot, the sliding, the biocompatibility, the little plaque retention represent basic characteristics during the choice of the suture, and the PTFE has all of them. Their ability to keep the flaps well closed and the incapability to keep the plaque are a plus in the post surgery period, so to limit any possible complication that may occur as the opening of the flaps with separation of the soft tissues or infection on the suture line. For these reasons, our personal preference is for the Omnia PTFE in all the operations of periodontal plastic and regene-rative surgery, ridge preservation and bone regenerative surgery.”

Dr. Maurice Salama

"Omnia sutures are superior in quality and provide me with excellent handling qualities and ease of flap closure."


SUTURE MATERIAL PGA Polyester Silk PTFE Monofast Polyamide
SUTURE COLOUR Violet Green Black White Blue Blue
THREAD CHARACTERISTICS Polyfilament Adsorbable Polyfilament Non Absorbable Polyfilament Non Absorbable Monofilament Non Absorbable

Monofilament synthetic absorbable

Monofilament not absorbable
AVAILABLE CALIBERS 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 4/0 5/0 4/0 5/0 6/0
AVAILABLE NEEDLES Sharp 16mm 3/8 circle
Sharp  19mm 3/8 circle
Extra Sharp 12mm 3/8 circle
Diamond 17mm 1/2 circle
Diamond 18mm 3/8 circle

Sharp 12mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 16mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 19mm 3/8 circle

Diamond 17mm 1/2 circle
Diamond 22mm 1/2 circle
Diamond 18mm 3/8 circle

Round 22mm 1/2 circle
Round 17mm 1/2 circle

Sharp 12mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 19mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 16mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 19mm 3/8 circle
Diamond 18mm 3/8 circle

Sharp 19mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 16mm 3/8 circle
Sharp 12mm 1/2 circle 
Sharp 12mm 3/8 circle

12 mm, Extra cutting needle3/8 circle, cutting body

16 mm, sharp needle, 3/8 circle, sharp body

12 mm, cutting needle, 3/8 circle, cutting sharp

16 mm, cutting needle, 3/8 circle, sharp body
Gamma Ray
Ethylene Oxide Ethylene Oxide Ethylene Oxide 

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